Courses Taught

Teaching at Portland State University since 2002:

Art 120 Computer Graphics

Introduction to computer graphics as a technical and creative medium for art and design. Concurrent enrollment in lecture, lab, and studio is required. Lectures introduce concepts of vector and raster graphics, including digital type, image and device resolution, electronic color theory, file formats, and digital print technologies. Labs assist with fluency in computer graphics applications. Studios apply concepts and applications to creative projects

Art 119 Foundation Studio III: Digital Media/Time Design

Introduction to concepts, tools, techniques, processes, and practices of digital and time-based media. Students survey and explore a range of digital media, including photographic imaging, illustration, visual narrative, video, and animation. Lectures, readings, discussion, and studio projects place the exploration within contemporary and art historical contexts.

Art 210 Digital Imaging and Illustration I

Studio course in digital image creation with an emphasis on photo-illustration, vector illustration, and hybrid illustration techniques. Image-capture, compositing, retouching, stylistic treatments, shading, typography, and simulated three-dimensional imagery. Workflow and production issues, including color pre-press and digital formats appropriate to multiple media.

Art 296 Digital Drawing and Painting

Studio course introducing concepts and processes in computer graphics through a set of defined problems examined through digital drawing and painting applications. Projects explore a range of tools and techniques used in the digital paint environment, including the acquisition of imagery. The unique features of digital tools and techniques are investigated in terms of their relationships with traditional materials and processes. A critical and conceptual framework is developed for the many uses of these tools in a fine art context through an emphasis on using the computer as an artist’s tool and the inclusion of digital art forms and processes into the mixed media studio.

This art studio explores digital painting and drawing issues of studio art. It begins with an overview of what drawing and painting with its traditional tools can convey. Then there will be a comparison to the painting and drawing tools on the computer. Students will explore these tools keeping in mind this comparison. There will be various projects each week. Each student will design a final project. We will be printing out some of your assignments but most will be handed in the class folder on the server.

Art 341 Interactive Media I

Studio course in interactive design for the Web focusing on information architecture, navigation systems and visual interface. HTML markup and the use of visual design tools. Creation and optimization of graphics and compressed formats. Experience of the Web production workflow for development of site projects. Topics include usability and esthetics of Web media .

Art 342 Interactive Media II

Studio course in interactive design for the Web focusing on enhanced interactivity through the integration of animation, video clips, audio, and other media. Development of animation for the Web through vector and bitmap formats. Preparation and compression of audio, video, and animation for optimum delivery. Projects will include development of Web portfolios. Review of current work in the field establishes principles for appropriate design, usability, and effective communication.

Art 410 Interactive Team

Interactive media design and development for internal and external community clients. Design solutions are presented, critiqued, and revised based on initial and ongoing client contact. Sites are developed, deployed, tested, and maintained on web servers. Team-based design and development process is coordinated through project management practices. Emphasis is placed on strategic and tactical design process, industry standards, usability studies, business proposals, design documents, and other professional practices.

Art 365 Digital Portfolio for Artist:

studio course for visual artists focusing on design and development of digital portfolios in web, PDF, and print formats. Concepts of portfolio development and graphic design are applied to create an effective communication of the artist’s body of work. Students develop skills in digital production techniques, including techniques for scanning and preparing artwork for each type of format using proper completion and optimization. Portfolios are assembled in each format, then printed, written to CD ROM, and posted to a web server.